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"Dictate's mixes are! Highly recommended if you want your song to bump so hard that buildings collapse!"

- Will Stetson

"I cannot recommend Jenn and Dictate enough, both individually as well as a pair, for all your audio needs. With quality work, fast turnaround time, and frequent communication, working with these two may be the single best thing you could possibly do to help bring your next project to life. 

(Oh, and it’s definitely the tastiest thing you could do, too!)"

- Lunarveil

"In my 8 years of mixing I've never been more impressed by someone's timing and tuning than Jenn's.  When I need a project completed with the highest quality, I rely on Jenn's work.  Adding in the fact that she performs quickly and communicates well, I cannot say enough positive things about working with her.  Please consider Jenn's work when commissioning a mixing project."

- junbugp

"Dictate is always professional and timely and will work his hardest to get you the mix you want. Across all genres! So what are you waiting for? Contact him and Jenn today!"

- Rachie

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